About Hutch & Willow

Hutch & Willow is an up and coming paper design studio based in rural North Yorkshire. Created in September 2014 by Abi Metcalfe, Hutch & Willow focuses on hand illustrated cards with a whimsical feel. Inspired by Abi's own surroundings, experiences family and friends, Hutch & Willow'a designs are guaranteed to put a smile on any ones face.The small independently run studio is learning as it grows and constantly expanding its line of greetings cards with a view to move onto a variety of illustrated paper goods.

A Brief History

After studying Fashion Marketing, a mix of Fashion Design, Graphics, Photography, Branding and Marketing for three years, I felt slightly lost. Fashion Design suddenly wasn't where I was at, I found myself much more drawn to the branding and photography side of things, luckily in my fourth and final year I was able to specialise in Graphics and Illustration.

This is when things took a turning point, suddenly I was doing something I loved. My final year project was a humorous, illustrated and photographical book based on Yorkshire (Another thing I love!).

After exceeding my own expectations I graduated with First Class Honours in 2013. I was then thrust into the job seeking world, after doing a few freelance bits for some high street greetings companies everything went quiet. I knew I had the drive to go it alone, I'd proven this to myself in my final year at University so when my Dad presented me with the opportunity of my own studio in our farm buildings, I jumped! I created Hutch & Willow in September 2014 and still have a 'day job' to keep me going until I get the courage to go it fully alone.

I am working on Hutch & Willow's first collection of greetings cards and can't wait to see where all this goes, I hope you'll join me on this adventure!

What's in a name?

Upon meeting new people or talking about Hutch & Willow, the very first thing they ask me is why 'Hutch & Willow'?

Branding is important to me, not only do I enjoy illustration, but I love creating a whole style, so choosing a brand name and logo was always going to be the first thing I thought about. I knew I didn't watnt to use my own name, but I still wanted the name to mean soemthing to me.

I played around writing down words that I associated with my life and got attached to 'Willow', taken from the address of my Grandfather's farm 'Willow Garth', which is now my Father's farm, and home to Hutch & Willow HQ! The other thing I knew was that I wanted an '&' in the name, so I set about finding something that sounded great with 'Willow'.

It was my Grandmother's love of water colour painting that first got me into illustration, she used to lovingly paint little, water colour versions of peoples front doors as thoughtful presents. I am considerably close to my Grandparents, in heart and in location, (They live next door!). My Nan always told me stories from when she was a young girl, her maiden name was Hutchinson, and in school her friends caller her 'Hutch'. So, after somewhat of a 'Eureka' moment, the name Hutch & Willow stuck! It seems perfect now that the name of the brand represents two people that were part of making it possible in the first place!